Are the GFore MG4+ Golf Shoes Worth the Hype and Price Tag?

Are the GFore MG4+ Golf Shoes Worth the Hype and Price Tag?

I’ve decided to keep this review of the GFore MG4+ golf shoes like my putts….short.

If you’re looking for a spikeless shoe that’s going to stand out a little, or maybe a lot depending on the colourway your choose, stick around and I’ll let you know if it’s worth considering…although, many will baulk at the £180 / $225 price tag. 

I’ll say up front, that’s a lot of money given a pair adidas codechaos will set you back £140 or FJ Pro SL around £120, but the MG4+ do feel pretty well made, are very lightweight and comfortable, and GFore is one of those label that some are happy to pay a premium for…

Not me, I couldn’t care less about the label, but I got them half price in the summer sale, and at £90 they feel like an absolute bargain…so make sure you sign up to my monthly newsletter where I share the latest and great golf deals for both US and UK golfers – I’ve included a link in the description below.

They fit true to size, and are very comfortable right out the box – no hint of a blister after walking 18 holes. They’re surprisingly light to wear given how secure my feet feel in them. There’s a good amount of padding within the upper, meaning that it’s a pretty snug fit – so if you have a particularly wide foot, you should consider going up half a size, or go with another shoe that will offer a specific wide fit version, such as a footjoy.

The unique G4 insole with all the bumps on it felt a little unusual at first, but it quickly became really quite pleasant.

I’m not hugely keen on the upper, it didn’t feel particularly breathable this summer, it’s a synthetic material, and it’s not particularly soft. That said it’s certainly not uncomfortable, and the shoe provides a good amount of stability. There’s a chunky TPU heel counter to help with that. However I was pretty disappointed when on only the second hole wearing them, I managed to scratch the upper while looking for a ball in the deep rough. To make matters worse I wasn’t even looking for my ball, rather my competitors. When I sent an image to GFore, there was no offer of a replacement. So, just be careful when looking for errant shots in these shoes.

The outsole is relatively aggressive, it’s not the most aggressive i’ve seen, but it’s not the least either, I didn’t have any issues out on the course, and I think it could handle all but the wettest conditions. That said, these is very much a show you can wear to the course, on the course,  and then back home again,

I didn’t have any issues with the upper when it came to water resistance but there’s no gusset on the tongue so your feet will get wet if you step in a puddle or you’re out in a storm.

The scratched upper left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, that would have been a whole lot worse had I paid full price for these shoes. They get my approval, as they’re impressively comfortable, stable and have good traction, not to mention that I think they can look pretty good (thank can also look pretty horrific, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder). But I struggle to recommend them for the RRP given you can pick up so many other great  golf shoes a lot cheaper – such as the FJ Pro SL for around £120.

That said, if you can stomach the price tag, there’s not much else that will look as unique as this, perform as well, and feel a good to wear.