Air Jordan 4 Golf Shoes Review – can you use them as sneakers?

Air Jordan 4 Golf Shoes Review – can you use them as sneakers?

The brand new Air Jordan 4 Golf shoes are due to be released on 03.04.2021 in the US, but they’ve already released here in the UK, so here’s my closer look and initial review of these iconic sneakers that have been turned into golf shoes.

Can you use the Air Jordan 4 Golf Shoes as sneakers?

With the Air Jordan 4 Cement being an original launch colour way for the sneakers back in 1989, loads of non-golfers will want to know can you use these Jordan golf shoes off the course as regular sneakers. Although the cleats are removable from the sole, you shouldn’t use these as regular sneakers. The hard TPU sole will not give you any grip on a firm surface and will scuff up immediately on concrete. They’ll also sound really hard as you walk, and feel really firm underfoot. The sole plate has been specifically designed to give golfers good grip and stability out on the golf course, so while you could technically use these off the course, you shouldn’t.


The Nike website calls the Jordan 4 Golf a stitch for stitch reconstruction of the iconic original sneaker. While this shoe is incredibly similar, sneaker heads will be able to spot a few glaring differences. However, some of these changes have been included to make the shoe better suited for the course.

Air Jordan 4 Golf Shoes

The shoes have launched in the popular Cement colour way, which was one of the four OG launch options back in 1989. The first main difference from that original that sneaker heads will notice is at the heel of the shoe. The original Nike Air logo has been replaced with a Jumpman logo instead. Given this is a Jordan brand golf shoe, I think that’s absolutely fine…but I know this can upset the most hardened of sneaker heads.

Aside from the sole, which is very clearly different to the original (and I’ve included an image earlier in the article), the other main difference is with the mesh used on the shoe. On the original, some plastic webbing covered the mesh, which helped improve the breathability of the shoe. On these versions, Nike have swapped out the mesh for a more solid material, which helps make the Jordan 4 Golf waterproof.

While the webbing over the top has remained, helping the shoe keep it’s iconic looks, the material underneath is now waterproof, which will please the vast majority of golfers. One of the main complaints with the previously released Air Jordan 5 golf shoes was that the breathable mesh wasn’t waterproof, resulting in wet feet if it rained, and even if just playing in early morning dew. However these new versions have fixed this problem, albeit at the cost of breathability. This means your feet will stay nice and dry, but might get a little hot in the summer months out on the course.

Aside from the above, the shoe maintains a lot of their original DNA, including the iconic air bubble, and the upside-down Air Jordan tag on the inside of the tongue, and the Flight logo on the outside.


Much like the original shoes, the tongue and ankle areas are nicely padded, and use a plush soft material. It’s worth noting however that the material around the collar of the shoe is white and will attract a lot of dirt and grim when out playing golf!

There’s plenty of room in the shoe and it fits true to size. One thing to note is they fit like a regular pair of basketball shoes. This may sound like an odd thing to say, however I don’t wear basketball shoes, and neither do the majority of golfers here in the UK. So if you’re not used to the size and bulk of these shoes, they may feel a little uncomfortable and heavy until you get used to them.

The leather used in the upper is quite soft. It’s certainly not the softest available, and it will crease up across the toe box so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

In terms of comfort underfoot, the shoe will be perfectly fine for use on the golf course, and you should be able to walk the course without too many problems (although your feet may need to get used to them if you don’t wear basketball sneakers normally). However, they’re far from being the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever tried. There are far softer feeling golf shoes to choose from. But if you’re looking to buy a pair of these, you’re probably willing to sacrifice a little comfort in order to look this cool out on the course!

You can check out my full video review of the shoes here:

If you’re thinking of buying a pair of these shoes you can grab then from Nike UK here, or get them from Nike US when they launch here.