Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoes Review – The best of the sneaker golf shoes?

Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoes Review – The best of the sneaker golf shoes?

Here’s my full on course review of the Nike Air Max 270 G golf shoes. In the video I’ll let you know how they fit, feel and perform out on the course.

Fit and Feel

I’m happy to confirm these shoes fit true to size. However, due to their one piece upper they do fit quite tight across the top of the foot, so if you have a wide foot or like a bit of wriggle room, you may need to go up half a size.

With no tongue to speak of, the shoes fit is the shoes fit, and there’s not much you can do to adjust it. There’s plenty of padding at the ankle and heel of the shoe, and while there’s not much padding at the top of the upper, they are still nice and comfortable. Although there’s an external heel counter which is cleverly disguised as part of the enormous air bubble, the shoe doesn’t really lock in your heel and there is a little bit of movement at the back; not enough for the shoe to be uncomfortable, but I certainly noticed I didn’t feel massively locked in.

The upper is totally waterproof – as you can see in my video review, no water got through at all in my waterproof test, which is very impressive as not many golf shoes pass the test totally unscathed. However, this means the microfilm covering the mesh upper may make the shoe quite hot in the height of summer. On the plus side, is does make the upper extremely easy to clean.

In terms of looks, there shoe is very sporty, and looks extremely similar to the trainer it’s based on. The massive air bubble at the heel won’t be for everyone when it comes to the look, but for those that like it, it’s a very sporty looking golf shoe, and looks great with a pair of no show socks and shorts.

How comfortable are the Air Max 270G?

The Nike Air Max 270G are very comfortable, so long as you like the close fit. The big air bubble at the rear means you have a massive amount of softness at the heel of the shoe, However, more surprisingly the foam used in the shoe also feels very soft even though it’s nothing particularly special. It’s a regular phylon foam but feels very soft when walking the golf course.

How do they perform out on the course?

Firstly the spikeless outsole design gives very good grip. The rubber compound is quite thick and feels firm. The centre of the outsole is filled with raised dimples, while the outer perimeter has an aggressive ‘saw tooth’ design which really cut in to the grass when you rotate in the swing. The robustest of the outsole also helps provide a decent amount of stability. Let’s be clear, these are far from being the most stable golf shoes I’ve ever tested, but I was happy with how they performed in both wet and dry conditions.

I have had a few people ask if you can use the Nike Air Max 270G as regular sneakers. I wouldn’t recommend it as the outsole is very much designed for the golf course. However you should have no problems wearing them to and from the golf course.

Where can you buy them?

If you like the look of these shoes you can use my affiliate links below to buy them from the Nike website. I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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