The best waterproof golf shoes – 2021

The best waterproof golf shoes – 2021

While the vast majority of golf shoes available today are waterproof, this just means the material of the upper is waterproof. With many golf shoes, if you get caught in heavy rain, or step into a deep puddle, your feet a still likely to get wet. This is why I give all the golf shoes I review a full waterproof test by pouring 300ml of water over the upper as well as the tongue, to ensure they can handle all the conditions that might be thrown at them! Here’s the best waterproof golf shoes I’ve tested.

(Note I’ve not included any golf boots in this list. These are generally designed to be fully waterproof, and in this list I’m focusing on golf shoes)

Footjoy Hyperflex 2021 Golf Shoes

The Footjoy Hyperflex golf shoes have undergone a re-design for 2021, and the result is an incredibly comfortable golf shoe that is totally waterproof! As you can see in the video below, I’ve tested the BOA version, which utalises a unique fastening system, allowing for a close lock down fit. The shoes are incredibly comfortable as they combine a hydrophobic knitted upper, with the soft Stratafoam midsole.

Watch the waterproof test here

The water just beads off the upper, and because the BOA system wraps around the foot, there’s no tongue area for the water to penetrate, which means my foot stayed completely dry.

The shoes are spiked giving great grip, and use a unique split outsole which helps make them feel incredibly flexible. If you like the look of them, you can buy them in the UK from Click Golf for £149 or from Footjoy in the US here for $179

Mizuno Wave Cadence Golf Shoes

The Mizuno Wave Cadence golf shoes pleasantly surprised me in several ways, one of which being their successful passing of the waterproof test! The golf shoes went a little under the radar last year, but as I showed in my review, they are a very impressive golf shoe, and worth considering if you’re looking for a sporty spikeless shoe that’s totally waterproof.

The Klarino microfibre upper provides a relatively breathable upper while also being waterproof and easy to clear. Initially I didn’t think these shoes were going to pass the waterproof test as the booty construction beneath the laces and the upper is a soft foam material. However, Mizuno have ensured the materials are waterproof meaning my foot stayed completely dry during the test.

If you like the look of these you can buy them in the UK from Amazon for £120. (These aren’t currently available in the US.)

Nike Air Max 270G

Here’s one I bet you weren’t expecting! The Nike Air Max 270G might not look like a fully waterproof golf shoe, but it is! Although the upper is a mesh, it’s coated in a thin waterproof membrane. Also, there’s no tongue to the shoe, the upper is a one piece booty construction. These two elements combined means there’s no a gaps for the water to get through, and you’re feet will stay nice and dry even in the wettest of downpours.

Equally impressive is the comfort and the grip from these shoes. While the looks won’t be for everyone, the massive air bubble at the heel gives a great amount of softness to the shoes, meaning you can walk the course all day in comfort. However, the fit is quite narrow, so you will need to go up half a size if you have a wider foot.

The grip is also very impressive with these shoes. The integrated traction system works well, with an agressive ‘saw tooth’ pattern on the perimeter of the outsole combined with rubber pimples on the inside to give plenty of traction out on the golf course.

You can buy the shoes from Nike here for £129/

Sqairz 20/20 Golf Shoes

When I reviewed the Sqairz 20/20 golf shoes last year, I wasn’t totally blown away by them, but I believe that’s mainly due to the fact they shoes haven’t really been designed with someone like me in mind. The shoes utalise a unique ‘square’ toe box shape, which given you plenty of room and a stable platform. Personally I’m not overly keen on the looks of the shoe or how it feels on feet, but they have proven to be successful in the US. So much so in fact that Sir Nick Faldo has even invested in the company.

However one area they do excel in is the waterproof test. The leather upper didn’t let any water through, even when water was poured right over the tonue and laces. This is due to a gusset design being used at the base of the tongue, keeping the water from entering the shoe.

Use my code GOLFGUY for $10 off these shoes on the official Sqairz website

Nike Air Max 270G Shield Golf Shoes

I feel like I’m stating the obvious when I say the Nike Air Max 270G Shield golf shoes are fully waterproof, since the whole purpose of the shield range of Nike shoes is to protect your feet from the elements.

As you can see the shoes have a unique zip fastening system, that’s supposed to be easier to use in the cold and wet conditions. The shoes do open nice and wide, and the zips have rubber elements to ensure no water get through. The upper uses a waterproof membrane, which appears to be the same as the regular version, meaning they pass the waterproof test with ease.

The midsole and air bubble are black, which are better suited to the wetter conditions as they well be less likely to mark up. However, the black, white and orange colour scheme along with the zip design won’t be for everyone. (There’s also a Shield version of the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes, but I never managed to give these a full review).

Do you really need fully waterproof golf shoes?

It really depends on the conditions you’ll be playing in. The vast majority of golf shoes are waterproof to a certain extent and will be absolutely fine in most conditions. However, just because a shoe has a waterproof upper, doesn’t mean it will be totally resistant to the rain if you get caught in a really heavy storm. So if you’re a fair weather golf, or even happy to play in a light shower, you’ll be absolutely fine with most golf shoes available. The list above is for the most hardened of golfers who are happy to play, even when the weather really gets rough!